How to Give Rioja Wine

To give wine as a Gift and send it directly to the recipient follow these steps:

-Place your order in the usual way.

-Click on MY ACCOUNT to access your account.

-Click on ADDRESSES to see your addresses.

-Click on ADD AN ADDRESS to add the address of the recipient of your Gift.

-Add the address of the recipient of your gift and click on the cart to proceed.

Once inside the cart, select the address of the recipient of your Gift in ADDRESSES.

Want to send a Message with your Gift?

Within the cart page, you can write your Message.

Want to send a picture or image with your Gift?

Send an email to with your design and your order number and we will print it and include it in the shipment for free.

Do you want to give wines by purchasing a Gift Card?

Select the Gift Card that suits you.

Gift Cards of € 30, € 60, € 90, € 120, € 150, € 180, € 250 and € 300 are available.

Gift Card € 30 Gift Card € 60 Gift Card € 90 Gift Card € 120 Gift Card € 150 Gift Card € 180Gift Card € 250 Gift Card € 300

We will send the Gift Card to your email address.

If you prefer, we can send it directly to the recipient, if you indicate this in a Message at the time of purchase. The activation code is sent along with the Gift Card.

How to use the Gift Card

Make your purchase and enter the activation code in the summary of cart and the discount will be applied to your order.

Enter the code


If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Contact us