Tips for Giving Wine as a Gift

If you take a few minutes it will be a total success:

If you know the person well it is very easy to choose their favourite wine.

Today we all have almost everything and it is well thought of to give experiences as a Gift. Giving your friend one of their favourite wines shows that you know them and the gift will be really appreciated.

Pay attention to detail and surprise the recipient:

Selecting a wine with Denomination of Origin is a guarantee of value and prestige, which amounts to a successful gift.

If the person you are choosing the Gift for likes to travel, selecting a wine from a country that they have visited can bring back fond memories.

The world of wine has evolved in recent years and can surprise breaking down clichés. Selecting a wine as a  gift from a region which is up and coming but as yet not famous, or from a region which is little known can surprise even the most knowledgeable of your friends.

If the person for whom the gift is for is daring, why not choose a different wine? Choose a wine with an exotic or a little known grape variety.

Selecting the vintage of the wine may have a special meaning. If we pay attention to detail we can convey happiness by giving a vintage that has a special meaning.


Giving special wine, a mythical vintage or a special collection can be appreciated as a work of art.

This type of wine can be observed as a jewel for a special moment, or even as an investment.

“Dress me slowly, I am in a hurry” (Spanish proverb)

Giving wine is a hit, especially if you've spent a few minutes thinking things through in order to select the right bottle.

Don't forget about the presentation of your Gift and dress it up! A bow or gift paper to match the Gift, or a gift bag or a wine gift case can be tantalising at first glance.

If you take the time to personalise the label, you can make a positive impact. A personalised label with an appropriate message is really appreciated.

Not just Wine:

Today it is known that wine is a good for your health. Wine is beneficial to the body.

Doctors around the world recommend a glass of wine with meals as a very healthy supplement.

There are beauty treatments and wine therapy using wine or grapes.

In the market there are different cosmetic products made from grapes.

Giving a Gift to aid health, wellness and beauty is well received in a society where we are increasingly identified with the care of ourselves and our environment.

Giving an experience such as a WINE TOUR, a beauty treatment at a specialised salon or a collection of cosmetics could be the most attractive and amazing Gift of a lifetime.

Wine as a Messenger:

The best way to give an experience, such as a wine tour, is to accompany the Gift Card with a good bottle of wine. For example, a bottle of wine with a note card explaining the experience you want to give would perfectly accompany the Gift.

Wine is the best Gift to give when you're invited to dinner:

Giving a bottle of wine when you are invited to somebody's home may be the best Gift. If we know what's for dinner, we can choose an appropriate wine with help from the sommelier, or if everything is already planned, a dessert wine will leave a sweet taste at the end of the meal.

If there are a number of you invited for dinner, surprise everyone with a litre and a half magnum bottle and leave everyone speechless.

Sick of the Christmas Hamper from your boss or not getting one at all?:

Many of us have never received a hamper for Christmas. The first few times it's exciting, but over time and with your own personal taste it is more of a burden than a delight.

The economic crisis has worsened this unique Christmas token as cutbacks have reduced the contents of the hamper and lowered the quality of its products. In many cases many people don't even receive a hamper, and if they do they don't get excited about it.

Design your own Christmas hamper filled with your favourite products. You can give a personalised Christmas hamper to a member of your family, a friend or your partner as a symbol of appreciation or why not treat yourself to your own?.  You're sure to get it right!.

It's not necessary to design a massive Christmas hamper, just take a few minutes and choose your items according to your taste and budget. The hamper will be the best Christmas present ever received, because no one, until now, has personally selected the contents before.

A Cliché

The hamper? The basket itself is an attractive package, but what is most exciting are its contents, especially if it is chosen wisely and is full of quality products. Nowadays you can purchase different high quality gift packs at very reasonable prices.

Quality is not expensive, exclusivity is:

Christmas? Why wait all year? We enjoy good food throughout the year. There's no need to wait that long to enjoy a selection of high quality products to eat at home.

Select a range of your favourite products and enjoy them when you want. A Gift case full of high quality products accompanied by a few bottles of Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin wines, is definitely a smart choice and is well received by everyone. By giving wine you give an experience. Turn your Gift into an experience and remember you can buy wine as Gift for a few Euros and it'll be a total success.

A bottle of wine has the strength to bring happiness.

Giving happiness is affordable.


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