Gift Cards

A Gift Card is a simple way of giving wine to family, friends or clients. The Gift Card has a unique code to be used only once.

The activation code is sent along with the Gift Card.

The perfect gift for any occasion:

For birthdays, for your partner, for honeymooners, to say "I Love You", for Mother or Father's Day and as a Christmas Gift.

The Gift Card is ideal for a Gift for a dear friend who lives far away.

Purchase a Gift Card online and the recipient will receive it with no hassle.

Do you want to give wines using a Gift Card?

Select the Gift Card that suits you.

Gift Cards are € 30, € 60, € 90, € 120, € 150, € 180, € 250 and € 300.

Gift Card € 30 Gift Card € 60 Gift Card € 90 Gift Card € 120 Gift Card € 150 Gift Card € 180Gift Card € 250 Gift Card € 300

We will send the Gift Card to your email address.

If you prefer, we can send it to the recipient, if you let us know the time of purchase. We will send the activation code along with the Gift Card.

How to use the Gift Card

Make your purchase and enter the activation code when you the contents of your cart is displayed and the discount will be applied to your order.

Enter the code


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