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Erre Punto 2023

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Rioja Alavesa Red Wine.

Tempranillo 85%, Garnacha 8%, Viura, Malvasía 7%.

Pairing: As an aperitif, with rice dishes, white meat and pasta.

It is recommended to serve this wine cold, between 10 and 12 degrees. Very suitable for hot, sunny days at midday and pairs well with tapas.



Bodegas Remírez de Ganuza. Samaniego, Rioja Alavesa.

Erre Punto.

Tempranillo 85%, Garnacha 8%, Viura, Malvasía 7%.

Made using the traditional carbonic maceration method (with the stems), this wine can be also called a “Primer” (first) as it is the first wine of the year that is released. The grape harvest is carried out by hand in the winery's own vineyard in Baños de Ebro. Whole bunches of grapes including the stem are put in to a stainless steel vat. Fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Bright red with a violet hue.

Aroma: Red berries, strawberries, currants and raspberries. A hint of rose and gooseberries.

Taste: Silky and warm. Smooth with good acidity.

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