Organic Viticulture

Organic Viticulture respects nature without using herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers, and above all it does not use chemicals that may contaminate the environment in any way. Thus Organic Viticulture guarantees the care of our natural environment, whilst maintaining the flora and fauna and leaves the soil in its natural state.

Natural products are used to look after the vineyard to both protect it from pests such as fungi or plagues of insects. Manure and compost are used to fertilise the land and cover crops are used to help maintain and retain moisture and restore the land.

To ensure that the methods used comply, government agencies carry out inspections. These inspections vary according to the different regional governments and subsequent certification is given if the requirements are met.

Bodegas Olabarri, Bodegas Casa Primicia and Bodegas Varal, started a program for the ecological care of their vineyards and have consequently obtained certification.

Organic wines

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