Sustainable Viticulture

This system makes maximum use of natural resources, ensuring sustainable agriculture for the environment. This is called Sustainable Viticulture.

The aim is to control vineyard pests so as to prevent plagues that may seriously damage the grape production by using biological methods and reducing chemical treatments in order to achieve a balance between the environment, profitability and demand in order to get high quality, healthy wines. Sustainable Viticulture produces healthy and natural wines, which is reflected in the handling, processing, bottling and labelling of the wines.

In short, it is all about obtaining raw materials through agriculture that uses methods that respect the environment and that ensure food safety in order to produce natural healthy wines.

Gil Bodegas Berzal is committed to the environment by means of a self-evaluation in their manufacturing processes. They do not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers and have reduced the use of pesticides, using only those that are respectful to the environment.

What are the benefits?

For the Consumer

Guaranteed high-quality wines.

It is a system that ensures the traceability of all wines.

Wines are made with techniques that respect the environment.

Optimise the healthiness of all wines.

For the Farmer

Rational use of the way of making wine in order to produce high quality wines.

It improves and extends the life of the vineyard and also improves the high quality of the wines with older healthy vines.

It increases the quality of life in rural areas.

It improves the working conditions.

For the Environment

Ensures the sustainability of the farming system.

Rationalises natural resources.

Reduces pollution of the environment.

Reduces soil erosion and enhances fertility.

Protects the flora and fauna.

Promotes the conservation of the rural environment and landscape.

Wine production through Sustainable Viticulture symbolises the agricultural sector's commitment to the environment and to the quality products made from the soil.

Bodegas Gil Berzal represents the wine sector's commitment to the environment and to the quality of its' Rioja wines.

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