Bodegas Heredad San Andrés

Miguel Merino, who is the founder and owner of the winery, has dedicated his whole life to the commercialisation of wine. He founded the winery fuelled by the passion to make his own, top quality wines. Bodegas Miguel Merino was founded in the early 90´s in the town of Briones, Rioja Alta.

The first vintage that Bodegas Miguel Merino released was in 1994 which coincided with one of the best Riojan vintages ever in the 20th century.

Bodegas Miguel Merino Bodegas Miguel Merino Bodegas Miguel Merino

Bodegas Miguel Merino owns very old vineyards which are mainly Tempranillo old vines. The soil in the vineyards has a limestone base and the Atlantic climate, which is typical in Briones, has a noticeable effect. The winery´s old vines provide all that is necessary to make high quality wines.

The grapes are carefully harvested by hand and the best fruit is selected. The grapes are then sorted on a selection table in order to guarantee high quality wines.

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The winery is housed inside an old stone house, where the offices, tasting room, the shop and the barrel cellar are found. The wine warehouse and the vats are found in a separate building.