Efficiency and Effectiveness


One of the biggest challenges for an online store is the delivery service, especially for a wine shop.

An inefficient delivery service can cause dissatisfaction.


To provide a quality service with economical shipping rates we ship cases of 6 bottles or more.

Order your wine in cases of 6 and 6 or 12 and 12 and save on shipping.


We are the first and the only online wine shop to offer guaranteed Free Shipping to Belgium, France*, Italy*, Portugal and Spain* (Peninsula and Balearic Islands).

*Excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily.

Free Shipping to Austria, Germany, Holland and Luxembourg from 12 bottles.


To achieve this we have considered the following points:

1st.-Collection procedure at Wineries.

2nd.-Especially designed packaging for wine bottles.

3rd.-Packaging and labelling by our staff.

4th.-A scaled weight limit by logistics operators.

5th.-Traceability-Control coordinated with the logistics operator.

6th.-Transport insurance.



Upon receiving an online wine order, the delivery process is started to ensure a top quality and satisfactory service for our clients.

-We pick up the wine bottles, package and label them.

-A courier picks up the cases and transports them to the central warehouse in Logroño or Vitoria.

-The courier coordinates the shipping of the cases of wine.

-The cases arrive at the distribution centre in the destination country.

-The cases are sorted out according to the post code.

-The cases are delivered locally.


We request that you give us a mobile phone number on the registration form so that we can contact you if necessary.


In the case that your order is lost or delayed we use a tracking system.

Each wine order has its own documentation, accounting, tracking and a coordinated logistics management.

For peace of mind, shipments are insured.


As much as we would like to reduce shipping costs, the procedures and costs have to be taken into account.


Security Cases

The choice of cases for the shipment of wine is particularly a delicate issue. Wine bottles are made of glass and adequate packaging is needed to prevent breakage.

This should also be taken into account when selecting containers for sending wine.

The Security Cases have a manufacturing cost which increases considerably in the case when individual cases are used.



Shipping less than 6 bottles will increase the final price.

We decided to opt for efficient way of working in order to avoid wasting resources.

Thanks to this effective way of working we can offer direct shipping to your home.


What is included in the price of transport of my wine order from the ILOVEWINE wine shop? What happens if a bottle breaks during transportation? What if I'm not home when the courier calls? Do I have to pay the courier anything? How long will it take to receive my order?


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