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In early 2011 we began our adventure with the aim of offering wines from small and medium family-run wineries.

We specialise in wines and wineries from Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Alta, which are considered the best areas within the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin.

We seek out the best growers who are recognised for their tradition and the high quality of their wines.

We select small and medium family run wineries and we offer wines with the best price-quality relationship.

We are located in the heart of the best Rioja wine making area, within a maximum of 20 minutes from the wineries that we work with.

Being so close to the wineries helps us with the ordering process. As soon as you place your order we go to each winery to collect your wines.

This proximity allows us to guarantee that the wines are kept in the best condition, as they are collected straight from from the winery's own bottle cellar.

There is no better place to keep wine than in each winery's own bottle cellar.

We are committed to the authenticity of our land. We maintain a strong commitment to the development of Rioja wines with a strong family tradition.

The vineyards where grapes ripen to produce the wines we select are maintained with care and attention by experts throughout the year.

The growers tend their vineyards by hand, guaranteeing the best results when the grapes are picked at harvest.

After harvesting, winemakers carefully select grapes before starting the fermentation process.

The fermentation of the wines we select for our wine shop is carried out using small capacity tanks and oak barrels in keeping with the tradition of our land.

Once the production and ageing is finished, the wines are tasted and rated to verify their quality.

We maintain a direct relationship with each winery.

We maintain close contact with the wineries we work with so as to have easy access to information about new vintages and new wines, events, presentations, awards, prizes, tastings, etc.. which enables us to transmit all this information through our Blog and our YouTube channel.

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