Viñedos del Contino


Viñedos del Contino was founded in 1974 as the first French "Chateau" style cellar in Rioja. The name Contino comes from the times of the Catholic Kings when the Laseran property was granted to the Contino Mr. Pedro de Samaniego.


Its wines come from 62 hectares of its own vineyards surrounding an ancient XVI century ancestral house with cellars where Viñedos del Contino is located.


Viñedos del Contino consists of an ancestral home together with other XVI century houses where its wines are developed and aged.

Wine Making:

The Viñedos del Contino wines are developed following the most exquisite criteria and using the knowledge acquired through generations together with the most modern elaboration processes.


Viñedos del Contino successfully commercializes its wines around the world thanks to the several awards it has received.

Prizes and Acknowlegements:

Viñedos del Contino has been awarded with several highly prestigious national and international prizes. Its wines are usually selected for high society events.