Bodegas Roda


Bodegas Roda was founded in 1987 with the purpose of elaborating high quality wines in Upper Rioja. The cellar was built in three phases starting in 1991 over 10 years in a vineyard situated in the legendary Haro station, Upper Rioja, district.


Bodegas Roda selects old vineyards around the area that contribute more complexity for elaborating its Rioja wines.


Bodegas Roda was built in a vineyard of the Haro station district on centenary cellars and next to the Ebro River. The installations consist of a bioclimatic room and two other ageing building excavated into the rock.

Wine Making:

The grapes are received by a conveyor belt taking them to the selection table. The vinification of the grapes from each estate is done independently in French oak barrels with local yeasts and maceration before and after fermentation. Bodegas Roda uses French oak barrels for ageing its wines.


Bodegas Roda successfully commercializes its wines around the world thanks to the several awards it has received.

Prizes and Acknowlegements:

Bodegas Roda has been awarded with several highly prestigious national and international prizes. Its wines are usually selected for high society events.


The efforts of its technical team to situate its wines in the most recognized lists of the world mean an ongoing commitment to R&D and innovation programmes since its beginning.