Bodegas Tobia's Project

Bodegas Tobia's objective is to keep advancing the quality of its wines and is involved in the implementation of three Research + Development + innovation projects.

R & D + i (Research, Development and innovation)

The first project, which has been carried out only by Bodegas Tobia, is a "Comparative study of the optimisation of the wine making process by using traditional wine making vats and intelligent vats in order to compare the chemical and organoleptic quality of the wine."

The intelligent vats are designed to harness the energy created whilst the must is fermented. The CO2 that is given off during the fermentation is stored, channelled and then used in a controlled and effective way and is then used to aid the mixing of the must and skins, to avoid the formation a cap of grape skins or the separation of juice and grape skins. This ensures that the skins are permanently in contact with the juice.

The second project that Bodegas Tobia is involved with along with 3 other wineries is the "Micro-oxygenation of wines by using pulses of electrical current." Micro-controlled oxygenation aids the process of obtaining higher quality wines by concentrating aromas and enhancing colour intensity.

Bodegas Tobia's third project is coordinated by FER (The Riojan Business Federation) and is funded by ADER (La Rioja Economic Development Agency)  Its objective is the "Development of sensor systems to monitor the fermentation processes and micro-oxygenation in situ."

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