Bodegas Olabarri

Bodegas Olabarri was founded by Pablo Olabarri, who´s passion for wine started in 1958 in Haro. He bought an old winery in the village of Anguciana in 1985.

Due to the need of having more modern and larger wine making facility to carry out the barrel and bottle ageing, the new Olabarri winery was built in 1989 in Haro. The new winery can house 4,000 oak barrels and has the space to age 800,000 bottles of wine.

Today, Luis Olabarri runs the winery and is following in his Father´s footsteps.

Bodegas Olabarri Bodegas Olabarri Bodegas Olabarri

Bodegas Olabarri makes its wines with grapes it buys from farmers who have vineyards in the Rioja Alta region. This is a vine growing area with a long history, situated on the right bank of the Ebro River which stretches from the Tiron to the Iregua valley. This land combines unbeatable conditions to grow vines in order to make top quality wine.

Bodegas Olabarri, started a program for the ecological care of their vineyards and have consequently obtained certification.

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Olabarri has both a traditional and a modern winery. The restored historic family winery dates back from the 18th century and is located in the village of  Anguciana, in Rioja Alta, where visitors can enjoy lunch and where they can see the wine ageing. The modern winery is located in Haro, in Rioja Alta and was inaugurated in 1990 to cater for the growing demand of Olabarri wines and built so that the winery could apply new wine making technology in their wine making to obtain high quality wines. The new winery houses 600 French and American oak barrels and has a temperature controlled bottle cellar with room for 800,000 bottles.