Bajo 0 Ice Wine


The grapes are used to make Bajo 0 Ice Wine are harvested by hand from the Gil Berzal Winery's vineyards and are grown following Sustainable Viticulture practices. The ice wine harvest is carried out in the winter, at night, so that the grapes are harvested at temperatures below 0.  Therefore when the grapes are frozen they are naturally dehydrated and this concentrates the grape's essence.

Bajo 0 Ice Wine is pressed using little pressure and at below zero so that none of the ice crystals thaw.

Stainless steel tanks are used for the alcoholic fermentation. The fermentation takes place very slowly over approximately 90 days due to low fermentation temperature and the wine's high sugar content.

Slowly naturally occurring yeast carry out the fermentation but they die before they totally complete the transformation of sugar into alcohol, which produces a sweet wine, which is perfect with dessert.

Unlike other sweet wines, Bajo 0 Ice Wine still has a good level of acidity, which is well balanced with its alcohol content. This makes it a different and an exclusive sweet wine.

Bajo 0 Ice Wine is filtered before it is bottled but is not stabilised or treated so that its personality and natural integrity shine through. Natural sediments sometimes can appear in the bottle but they do not effect the high quality of the wine.

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Bajo 0 Ice Wine is a semisweet wine which is very fresh. The after-taste is persistent and full bodied.

Bajo 0 Ice Wine is a fruity wine in which a curious sensation of alcohol, acidity and sweetness mix together. This combination makes it different, making it an easy Rioja wine to taste as a dessert wine or a digestif without it cloying the palate.

Bajo 0 Ice Wine improves with time and keeps all its characteristics. It should be drank within two years.

Its aromatic structure evolves gradually and evolves from the moment you uncork the bottle.

After the Bajo 0 Ice Wine has been opened, leave the wine to breath and the wine will come into its own.  Its complex aromas come out one by one, as if it were a festival. Give the bottle your full attention from the moment you open it so as to not miss this symphony of nuances and enjoy it to the full.

Bajo 0 Ice Wine is a real delight worth trying. It is an innovative Rioja wine made by Bodegas Gil Berzal in Rioja Alavesa and available in ILOVEWINE's online shop.

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